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Il Parquet in Bamboo In Bagno e Cucina

Having the wooden floor in the bathroom and in the kitchen is definitely the desire of most people who give a new style to their apartment, but doubts make this decision difficult.


Oak parquet has a beautiful grain and is available in many colors and treatments, but how does it resist water? And how much does it absorb any colored liquids like wine or coffee?

Teak parquet is definitely of great value, warm and very stable, but how strong is it? Not much, in fact, teak is a very soft wood


And the Bamboo ?? Here it is necessary to make some clarity and answer to all those who ask us if the bamboo is water resistant .

Bamboo is definitely a very resistant to moisture and water, and some of our customers who have been flooded due to the loss of washing machines or dishwashers have informed us that with tremendous surprise the Vanity bamboo floor has not moved and not has shown anomalies. Customer feedback is the most important and have a great value however as a company we can not guarantee VanityBamboo flooring for floods, it would not be professional because situations change between one environment and another and because there are conditions that can not be verified. However, we can say that compared with other woods The bamboo flooring has a good resistance to hygroscopic variations, we are limited to ensuring that it is used in compliance with more stringent standards and regulations.

Is the bamboo flooring more resistant to the dents of a traditional wooden oak wood or other essence? Yes But have to find the right product, not all types of bamboo flooring enjoy the same hardness as the horizontal and vertical bamboo floors are similar to a classic wood Strand Woven Hi Density bamboo enjoys an extraordinary hardness that makes this material 100% more resistant than ordinary wood.

We can say that the Vanity Bamboo Strand Woven Hi Density floors are particularly suitable for use in residential bathrooms and kitchens.

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